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  • Title: Non-Adversarial Justice
  • Autor: Michael King
  • Editor: Federation Press
  • Relaese Date: 01 July 2009
  • ISBN: 1862877475
  • EAN: 9781862877474
  • Language: English
  • Age of Range: 15 years
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  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 320 pages
  • File Size: 10MB
  • Rating: ★★★★★



Description Non-Adversarial Justice by Michael King

This book outlines key aspects of a growing trend within the Australian, United States, Canadian, New Zealand, United Kingdom and other legal systems towards the use of non-adversarial justice. It examines in detail non-adversarial theories and practices such as therapeutic jurisprudence, restorative justice, preventive law, creative problem solving, holistic law, appropriate or alternative dispute resolution, collaborative law, problem-oriented courts, diversion programs, indigenous courts, coroners courts and managerial and administrative procedures. It identifies the common themes, values and principles that bring these disparate theories and practices together and explicates them for practitioners, courts and students. It examines the implications of these changes on legal practice, the courts and legal education.
Michael S King is a magistrate of the Magistrates Court of Western Australia and an honorary fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Western Australia. Dr King has had broad experience in applying therapeutic jurisprudence and other non-adversarial justice modalities while presiding in a drug court, a family violence court and in mainstream court lists. Dr King has published extensively in journals in Australia, the USA and Europe on therapeutic jurisprudence, legal practice, judging, problem-solving courts, offender rehabilitation, restorative justice, meditation and natural law thought. He has produced a bench book on solution-focused judging for the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration. In 2011 he was the recipient of LEADR'


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