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  • Title: America, 1908
  • Autor: Jim Rasenberger
  • Editor: Scribner Book Company
  • Relaese Date: 01 November 2007
  • ISBN: 5551713733
  • EAN: 9785551713739
  • Language: English
  • Age of Range: 18 years
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  • Number of page: 320 pages
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Description America, 1908 by Jim Rasenberger

A breathtaking ride through the highs and lows of one spectacular, pivotal year in American history. As the earth turned toward the sun on the first morning of 1908, human flight remained, for most Americans, in the realm of myth and dream. But before the darkness fell on New Year'
s Eve at the end of the year, the Wright brothers would be worldwide celebrities, heralded as the first people in all of human history to conquer the sky. It was the year Teddy Roosevelt sent the Great White Fleet on a voyage around the globe, Robert Peary began his courageous dash to the North Pole, six automobiles left Times Square on an epic twenty-thousand-mile race to Paris, and Henry Ford introduced an oddly shaped new automobile called the Model T. It was a time of seemingly boundless innovation - everything was bigger, better, fast, and greater than ever before. In New York and Chicago, banks of high-speed elevators zipped through vertical shafts in the tallest buildings on earth. Pneumatic tubes whisked mail between far-flung post offices in minutes. Women cleaned their homes with amazing new devices called vacuums. And as American engineers cut a fifty-mile canal through the Isthmus of Panama, the very air buzzed with the imagined potential of new technology, including a "


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